Helping Betsy Improve Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

Betsy has been suffering from various illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis. She was unable to balance herself when she stands up and we introduced her to Jil Organics Highland Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Today, she is able to walk to the market, cook her own meals, and even do gardening after only consuming and applying the oil for 3 days. Today, she is feeling very healthy, happy and full of life. Thanks to this miracle oil!

Helping Hua Jin overcome low levels of energy

Hua Jin has been suffering from low levels of energy and has been trying various other means for more than a year to tackle this issue. We introduced him to our Highland Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and within 2 weeks, he experienced massive boosts in his energy level.

He is now a regular consumer of Jil Organics and recommends everyone with similar issues to try our oil. We are waiving off delivery charges for your first bottle and also offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if the oil does not improve your conditions after usage! Order now at

Helping Eleana improve her health conditions after various complications

Eleana had been suffering from various health complications and was diagnosed in Tan Tock Seng Hospital for Varicose Veins. The hospital did not provide any medications and left Eleana with an option to do surgery if her conditions worsened. Furthermore, she was also suffering from Carpal Tunnel.

She was then introduced to Jil Organic’s Highland Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by one of its founder Mr Daniel. After using the oil, she doesn’t feel any pain and she is able to walk 2km to church and back without the need to stop because of pain. Our oil has worked wonders for Eleana and today she is living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

She went for a blood test in April 2019 and even doctors are surprised by the results. Her cholesterol levels had improved tremendously and she has been cleared of diabetes! All these in just 2 months of consuming our oil!

Helping People ease their pains and problems

Are you suffering from conditions such as eczema, arthritis, varicose or diabetes? Jil Organics Highland Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has helped many of our valued customers ease their pains and problems. We can help you too!

What people say about us..

For about more than a year, I always feel tired and lacking of energy in the morning. I work in a school, and sometimes about just 2 hours of lessons, I would be so drained out and tired. I tried out the cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, and after about 3 days I can notice a big difference! I feel more energetic, the tiredness has reduced drastically, and I'm able to finish the day of work better!

Yeo Jet Lee

Varicose , Arthritis , high blood pressure and diabetic. Due to varicose, I cannot walk for longer distance(like going to the nearby market). I have applied the oil on my both legs,and on the 10th day I could walk to the market. And have increased my energy level also. My daily walk is about 1.5 Km now. Hoping to completed 3km of walking per day. My blood pressure has gone down after taking Highland cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil  My sugar level has gone down after 60 days of consuming the oil. I have bought bottles of oil for family usage and have given to friends. As it works for me at this age, it will do wonders for others who are younger than me. My wrinkles are completely gone and my face is glowing.


My daughter is having eczema at the back of the shoulder, after applying the oil for her,she can sleep well during the night. The eczema has gone now after a month plus of applying the oil. My wife is happy and she is taking it now. She feels energetic after consuming it .
Varicose , watery eyes, and walking posture is not straight. After applying and consuming Highland cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil for 60 days. Varicose improved very much,watery eyes have gone completely and walking very up-right now. Very Very Happy….


Having dark patches (Eczema) on the face . After taking the Highland cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil and applying the oil on the face, for about 26 days, the dark patches on my face were gone. I was delighted, because the patches were with me for more than 20 years.

Elangovan , age 52

Right leg joint server pain for years and is due for operation. After taking the Highland cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil for a month and the pain was gone. I have higher energy level after finishing my 1 litre of oil. I have ordered a second bottle of oil on the 09/04/2019.


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